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Then you need an elopement package!

Are you considering eloping? You're in good company. In this tough economy eloping just makes good economic sense. Not to mention it can be very romantic.

The easiest (and often cheapest) way to elope is to find an elopement package which includes the essentials such as a great location and  wedding officiant, along with a few goodies, such as champagne, bridal bouquet and photo CD.

Inside you'll find information on some great elopement packages which are not only cost-effective and stress-free, but also romantic. After all, it's still your wedding!  Who says you can't have it all?

Feel free to browse our site, where you'll find such things as:

How to Elope

Eloping can be easy if you know the steps. Let us help you navigate how to elope for a stress-free, romantic elopement wedding.

Best Places to Elope

There are so many romantic places to elope, where do you begin? We've listed our "Top 10 Places to Elope," popular places for eloping couples that combine romantic location with a great assortment of elopement packages from which to choose.

Bed and Breakfast Elopement

B&Bs are very popular places to elope.  Why?  Well, they're not only romantic, but many offer a variety of wedding packages to choose from.  Most are even able to provide an officiant, saving you the hassle of finding someone on your own.

Las Vegas Eloping

Las Vegas is known as the "Wedding Capital of the World' for a reason.  Each year a multitude of couples arrive in Vegas single and leave married. Vegas has a vast wedding industry in place to ensure you can find the right ceremony for you, from casino weddings to drive-thru elopements.

Niagara Falls Elopements

Niagara Falls is another popular place to elope.  You can say "I do" with the most famous waterfall as your backdrop.





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